John J Budion

writer / director / vfx

John J. Budion is an award winning writer, director, and visual effects artist, with over 15 years of experience in the film and television world. He started out his career at the tender age of 17, while concurrently working towards his degree at New York University.


John tapped to shoot new Prince Spaghetti ad!

Marking the 100th anniversary of Prince Spaghetti, John took on the task of directing a re-imagined commercial based off of the original iconic ad from 1969. The ad ran for over 2 decades and had households all over the world calling for Wednesday night Prince Spaghetti! CBS picked up the story.

Paying homage to the original spot, John shot in many of the same locations. It is difficult getting anything past the locals in the North End of Boston, so they were quickly discovered.

Calls for "Anthony" could be heard all throughout the streets as the town shared memories of young Anthony's original run. Check out the new spot, and view the original ad in this North End Waterfront Article.

Check out John's director cut in the work section!

John J Budion

Writer / Director / VFX Artist • New York & Los Angeles